Passion for ships. Passion for IT. Simply combined.
The best products are the ones you create to satisfy your own demands. It is how the word goes. This cannot be more true for the portfolio of products our company offers.

Created by a team of marine engineers with passion, experience, and a degree in IT, the development of our products has benefitted from the integration of product stakeholders. In addition the ability of directly implementing changes in production systems and getting immediate feedback has established an optimized cycle for agile development. At the end stands of course the question of the price that gets the customer thinking however great the product actually is. That is why we are committed to delivering the best value to cost ratio implementing our main principles:

  • do not reinvent the wheel - aim to base products adding on to established designs for users and industry supporting platforms 
  • use the power of open source - integrate open source projects to facilitate and expand the development of the desired products
  • simple works better - aim at users friendly stable designs that do the right job

Ship IT support office
Providing support for the IT infrastructure of an ocean going vessel requires a special set of skills. Our support engineers know how to handle such tasks quickly and efficiently. We fit to customer requirements in a range of setups starting from zero investment option of using existing hardware and software "as is" to offering and implementing required upgrades for streamlining the workstations and network setup on board. 
ESET endpoint security for ships
The increasing digitalization and connectivity of vessels increases the risk of cyber security breach. We offer you a complete IMO 2021 compliant solution based on award winning ESET endpoint security setup specifically optimized by us for installing on ships.
  • Powered by epesi - a modern enterprise proven framework designed for rapid, flexible and scalable CRM/ERP development
  • Cloud based - office system is accessible from all over the world and the ship system is available in ship's network using just a browser
  • Data exchange with vessel systems - one system fits all approach - same software running on board as well as in the office
  • Advanced access permissions system - suitable to setup for multiple offices, variety of employee roles and partner company access
  • Dashboards - user specific overview of most important information from each module
  • User responsibility - module that ensures data is handled with pin-point precision
  • Tray - module that implements company-specific workflow design intuitively
  • Watchdog - automated push notification system
  • Perspective - allows for switching user perspective for seamless workflow during office absences
  • Integration - allows data import / exchange from external files and software (accounting, etc.)
  • Wide range of maritime specific modules

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